How to Grow Food in Your Front Yard if it is Illegal

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How to Grow Food in Your Front Yard if it is Illegal by Adeline Louis

John from shares with you the plight of Hermine and Tom, a Miami Shores, Florida couple who had to rip out their front yard vegetable garden they grew the last 17 years after a new law passed that made it illegal to grow vegetables in their front yard or face a $50 fine per day!
John will then show you how to grow food in your front yard even if it is made illegal in your area. He will visit another residence in Miami Shores who is growing a permaculture style food forest including edible plants, shrubs and trees. You will discover some of the stealth vegetables that can be grown as well as other edible landscaping plants that are not considered vegetables that are legal to grow in Miami Shores, FL.
Finally, John will share his thoughts on laws that make growing food illegal and some of the legislative work being done to turn this around. After watching this episode, you will learn how to grow food in your front yard if it is made illegal and the best legislation currently in motion to challenge laws that interfere with the ability of Americans to produce, market, procure, and consume the foods of their choice.

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